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declassified unprecedented information about the nsa, but we can go further. so the apartment of justice will underublic the rationale article 215 of the patriot act. and release information that entails authority and oversight.
have already declassified unprecedented information about the nsa, but we can go further. so the apartment of justice will make public the rationale under article 215 of the patriot act. and release information that entails authority and oversight. the nsa is putting in a privacy officer. and finally, the intelligence community is creating a website that will serve as a for further transparency. this will give americans and the world the ability to learn more about what our intelligence community does and what it doesn't do, how it carries out its mission and why it does so. fourth, we are forming a high- level group of outside experts to review our entire intelligence and communications technologies. we need new thinking for a new era. we now have two under -- we have to unravel terrorist plots by finding a needle in a haystack" -- of global communications. madewell, technology has given governments unprecedented capability to monitor situations.-- communications. so i'm asking this independent group to step back and review our capabilities, particularly our surveillance tec
on a wide range of issues, including u.s.-russia relations and likely the nsa surveillance programs. indications are that he will make some sort of statement of the top of the news conference and it is likely to be about the nsa. the new york times" says at resident plans to launch new efforts. the president is endorsing a new policy panel to review surveillance powers. independent attorney to argue against the government before the surveillance courts. so some of the things that we're likely to hear but as the resident begins the news conference this afternoon. it will -- as the president begins the news conference this afternoon. after the news conference is done, we plan to open up our phones than hear from you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] afternoon, everybody, please have a seat. over the past few weeks, i have been talking about what i believe should be our priorities for the country. i am focused on the number one responsibility as commander-in- chief, keeping the american people safe. in rece
broad new powers in 2008. "the washington post" made the analysis after getting documents from former n.s.a. analyst edward snoweden, now congress is getting involved. short time ago we talked with a reporter fouling this story. -- following this story. >> we are joined by jenifer martinez of the hill. why is judiciary committee chairman patrick leahy calling for another round of hearings on the n.s.a.? >> he's doing that in the wake of report that was published by "the washington post" late thursday, that n.s.a. had repeatedly broken privacy rules or overstepped its authority for years. soleil he came out today with -- so lie he came out with a statement today saying he remains concerned that congress is still not getting straightforward answers from the n.s.a., so he hopes to hold another hearing when congress returns to get these answers. >> how bad was this report that the "washington post" published on thursday? > it's definitely pret i damning. ust adds -- it would put the administration in even worse position than it was with the surveillance program. it also calls into question the
government. cameras -- cameras everywhere. everything you do. the cameras, nsa, can conspire on everything without a camera. we shouldn't be around cameras, but we should be against the government having the cameras. we want the people to have the cameras taking pictures the of everything the government is doing. i want gun control. but i want to take the guns way from the 100 -- over 100,000 bureaucrats who carry guns enforcing federal laws. they don't need the guns. police activity was supposed to always be local. but here we are passing laws endlessly, you know, with bureaucrats carrying guns to enforce these laws. that's going to have to change. i think it is. i think what we're witnessing here in a group like this and what's happening on the campuses of the country, there is truly a revolution of ideas it's going to be a nonviolent revolution. we're going stand up on principle. an idea whose time has come and nobody is going to stop it. victor hugo was the one who had the quote about an idea whose time is come and cannot be stopped by armies. but i think that is absolutely true. and i
obama spoke about a range of issues including surveillance programs at nsa and u.s./russian relations. this is about 55 minutes. >> good afternoon. these have a seat. over the past few weeks thomas i've been talking about what i believe should be our number one priority in the country. building a better bargain for the middle class and for americans who want to work your way into the middle class. at the same time i am focused on my number one priority -- keeping the american people safe. been reminded once again about the threats to our nation. as i said at the national defense university, and meeting those threats we have to strike the right balance between protecting our security and our freedoms. as part of this rebalancing, i called for review of our surveillance programs. unfortunately, rather than orderly and lawful process, the , repeated leaks of classified information has initiated the debate in a very passionate but not always informed way. i held a healthy skepticism of these programs as a senator and as president i have taken steps to make sure that they have strong overs
violations of privacy rules by the nsa thomas calling for operations of the program. at a state justice in pennsylvania has blocked a voter id law there. this is in time for the november 5 special election. journal," ahington three-hour program for you. our first 45 minutes is looking at politics, looking to you specifically on this topic
concerns about this technology. as we all witnessed over the last few months here, with the nsa and what has happened to our computers, cell phones, and information being stored, this appears to be another technology that could be abused a bit. i think if we do not have more laws in place there could be some very serious concerns in regards to these unmanned vehicles. guest: ross, i has an individual, understand the concern from a big data standpoint about how data is collected, stored, disseminated and destroyed. that is what you are talking about. this technology, unmanned systems, has a large capacity to make everyone's life better. that is a tremendous upside you have to this technology. the technology is agnostic to the issue you are talking to. it is a different issue when talking about this capability. if you have ever had a situation with fires, floods or natural disasters -- 80% of all firefighters are volunteer. you want to make sure those men and women have the best tools for them to use when they execute the job they are given to do. in many cases, other people's lives are on
dread. we will hear from former cia and nsa director michael hayden and representatives from the energy industry and state government. will have live coverage from the bipartisan policy center beginning at 9 a.m. eastern on c-span 22 and on c-span, defense budgets at the pentagon. the pentagon will have to cut more than 985 to lynn dollars over the next day -- $985 billion over the next decade. >> tomorrow night, on c-span's encore presentation of first ladies -- >> the earliest extent letter we , 19 --tes to october 17 october 17, 62. we call it the adorable letter because that is the way that john opens a letter. , by the "ms. adorable same token that the bear of can't do company last -- t, and charge them to my account. i presume i have good right to draw upon you for the kisses as i have given two or 3 million at least. and of consequence, the accounts between us is immensely in favor of yours." oncontinues tomorrow night c-span. >> next, wendy davis delivered remarks at the national press club and she talked about her future political plans and the more than 10-hour filibuster she
on cybersecurity challenges facing the el electric grid. cia and r from former nsa director, michael hayden. representatives from the energy industry in state governments. live coverage from the center an policy beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern on the companion network, c-span 2. c-span, defense experts debate looming budget cuts at an event at the brookings institution. he sequestration and the 2011 budget control act, the pentagon will have to cut more than $895 next decade.e join us live if for that conversation at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> i am not some sort of anti-suburb person who thinks needs to live in new york city. i was sensitive to coming across espresso sipping condo dwelling, you know, elitist of some kind. did this book.i understand why people like the suburbs. i get fed up with new york city a lot. that there's a shift the way suburban america is who live by the people there is too big of a story to ignore. >> legal ger on where the dream is moving sunday night at 9:00 on "after words" of book tv on c-span 2. days son two of first lay influence & image begins monday ith the look
every website every american goes to? must be the n.s.a. i attended a classified briefing, i can't go into anything there, but it appeared before the briefing very clear to me and i still feel this way, that when you blind yourself as to who the enemy is, as we have, purging all kinds of material from our f.b.i. training materials, state department, intelligence materials, as to who radical islamists really are and what they believe, you blind our law enforcement, our security people from the ability to see your enemy. we're not protected. when you have an open border where people are coming across at will and border patrolmen have told us three to four times faster than they ever have since we started talking about handing out legal status to anybody who happened to be here by a certain date, all this talk about amnesty, citizenship, all these other things, do they get benefits? not get benefits? all this talk has increased the number of people coming in by about three to five times. the border is not secure. when you don't control what kind of terrorists may be coming into your coun
't trust anybody. >> i don't trust the president. for all i know, the nsa could be recording this.>> i voted, no. >> you are only one guy? >> excuseot my friend. me. can i end on this note? >> sir, what is your name? >> you don't need my name. i don't trust the irs. i don't trust anybody. you don't need my name. >> such a nice hunch of guys. irs is a bunch of nice people. my name is bill in case you cared about it. let me tell you something. i don't mind you distrusting. that is your prerogative. you have reason sometimes, not all the time. i am saying to you, you will be able to reconcile this if you come off the stick that you know all your answers.i do not. when you take the position that you are not going to read anything else it doesn't fit into your agenda, you don't know let's come to an agreement. >> what do you want to agree on? >> if you disagree with anything i've said tonight, i am more than willing to sit, have a cup of coffee with you and we will discuss it. if you don't think that is important enough and i do, then maybe i am the fool and you know more than i do. >> i di
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12